Why Brooks Financial Planning

Brooks Financial Planning is a full service planning practice, offering comprehensive planning services on a fee-only basis.  However, because of recent unsettling events in our economy, I find that my clients need an additional service that addresses real-time problems in a here-and-now format.

In response to those shifting needs, I have developed the Right Track Review, a limited-engagement option that allows me to respond to immediate concerns in your financial life.

Others find they need a more in-depth process that melds life's meaning with their financial resources. This more extensive process empowers successful implementation of dreams and goals.

Most people find they need financial advice at some point in their lives and now, with Brooks Financial Planning, you have a resource that allows you a variety of options as you search for answers to your concerns. You no longer have to "go it alone." Whether you are building wealth for the future, or seeking to enjoy and preserve the assets you have already accumulated, I can help you.

Here's how I work:

  • No commissions
  • No sales pressure
  • No third-party sales incentives
  • No conflicts of interest regarding compensation
  • No net worth or account minimums to meet
  • No long-term contracts
  • No assets-under-management required

Fee-Only Planning is one way you can effectively control the costs of services you need...when you need them. Advice seekers do not necessarily want to turn their money over to a money manager. You may want a thoughtful review or a financial check-up. Or you may be seeking affirmation of present investment decisions. Other folks may need assistance in "getting back on track" with their portfolios. Or as an independent investor, you may simply want a second opinion or access to a financial professional to whom you can address a question or two.

In my work as a financial planner, I rarely find anyone who completely understands the investments they own. Usually it was a "hot tip" or a "good deal." The average employer-sponsored retirement plan is often a mystery as well. No wonder most people spend more time and money planning their next vacation than they spend preparing for their financial future.  Vacations are more fun!

As a fee-only financial planner, I offer hourly, as-needed financial advice. I sell no products. I require no ongoing contractual commitment, although I do encourage periodic reviews. Many planners have minimum asset requirements; I do not.  My approach is conservative because there are no "do-overs" in retirement.

I am a fiduciary, which means I serve your best interests.

Let's Get Acquainted

Mary would be delighted to have a 30-minute phone call with you to discuss your financial planning questions and concerns.

Just click on the following link: Schedule a Let's Get Acquainted Phone Call.


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