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Often folks ask exactly what is financial planning and what is involved. We have designed our website and our services to answer your questions. Typically people are looking for the following kinds of answers.

Where am I in relation to my plans, dreams, hopes, goals, objectives? It can be difficult to keep track of retirement plans (his and hers), savings and checking accounts, and items such as bill payments and other commitments. Putting it all together in one place can answer the question “Where am I in relation to my dream, hope, hope, goals objectives?”

Want a “big picture” plan with specific ( dollar and timeline) recommendations for reaching your goals? Whether you are just starting out or well on the road to your future, this can help fine-tune your game plan and be sure you are on target. Check out the Wise Wealth page to see if this is for you.

Often a client requests help with just one piece of the puzzle. Check out the listing of specific areas of concern and see if one of these is the missing piece of your planning puzzle.

Take a look around the website and explore our offerings, then schedule a conversation with Mary.

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