"My ideal client is committed to making wise choices. They realize that financial planning is about quality of life...both now and in the future. My ideal client wants information and validation, and is motivated to implement their decisions. They want to work with an adviser who represents their best interests and only their best interests, without any conflicting loyalties. They are willing to invest the time, energy, money and patience necessary to put these pieces together to create a financial plan that will achieve both short and long term goals.  My ideal client appreciates and values their own time and ours." ~Mary A. Brooks


If your question begins with "How do I..." or "What is the best way...," I am happy to assist you with a short-term engagement of limited scope. Once you have "the answer," you may wish to engage me at a later time with different concerns, or return for a review/revision of your progress.

However, my most successful clients desire a more holistic approach. They are seeking a lifestyle that incorporates their values and view their monetary resources as a vehicle for achieving their vision. They are open to my advice and willing to think outside the box. They wish to develop a vision for their future and are seeking guidance in pursuing that dream. Or they may be in transition, such as retirement, divorce, or recipients of unexpected wealth, etc.

My ideal client is seeking a relationship of 12 to 18 months, during which they are supported in the development and implementation of their dreams and goals.

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Mary would be delighted to have a 30-minute phone call with you to discuss your financial planning questions and concerns.

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